Deployment troubleshooting

How to troubleshoot deployment

Troubleshooting the platform deployment can be done at multiple levels. The following scenarios can be referenced when attempting to troubleshoot your own deployment:

The Axual CLI command completed with errors

In this case, adding the -v flag would result in a verbose output on the console which it will make the debugging process easier. The command will look like:

./ -v start

The Axual CLI command completed successfully but some services are unreachable

Run the following command to check if all the applications have started and the port mappings are correct:

docker ps

If the platform started correctly, you should see a similar output (for a local deployment)

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                              COMMAND                  CREATED              STATUS              PORTS                                                                                                                                  NAMES
a7c7b082b7fa        axual/clusterapi:1.0.1             "/home/kafka/start-j…"   About a minute ago   Up About a minute>9080/tcp,>8081/tcp                                                                           cluster-api
046e11d87426        axual/instance-application:1.0.0   "/home/kafka/start-j…"   3 minutes ago        Up 3 minutes>9181/tcp,>31000/tcp                                                                         axual-local-instance-api
711704a1c458        axual/discovery-api:2.0.2          "/home/kafka/start-j…"   17 minutes ago       Up 17 minutes>8080/tcp,>8081/tcp,>8443/tcp                                           axual-local-discovery-api
6a7443c81309        axual/schemaregistry:3.5.0         "/home/kafka/start-s…"   18 minutes ago       Up 17 minutes>24000/tcp,>25000/tcp,>27000/tcp,>8088/tcp      axual-local-sr-slave
106eb3fc17e2        axual/schemaregistry:3.5.0         "/home/kafka/start-s…"   18 minutes ago       Up 18 minutes>20000/tcp,>21000/tcp,>23000/tcp,>8088/tcp                axual-local-sr-master
a6bb2f788cdd        axual/broker:5.0.2                 "/home/kafka/start-b…"   22 minutes ago       Up 22 minutes>9001/tcp,>9092/tcp,>9094-9096/tcp,>8088/tcp   broker
3c015ffebbc6        axual/exhibitor:2.0.1              "/home/kafka/start-e…"   23 minutes ago       Up 23 minutes>2181/tcp,>2888/tcp,>3888/tcp,>8082/tcp             exhibitor

Please pay attention to the following columns:

  1. STATUS - all components should have an Up status (e.g. Up 10 minutes)

  2. PORTS - all components should be listening on ip on the assigned ports