Release Notes


Async converted to synchronize method

  • Update dependencies libraries - Confluent.Kafka, Confluent.SchemaRegistry to 1.5.0

  • Bug Fix: Trusted certificates from the SslCaLocation are not been used

  • Bug Fix: Discovery featcher headers values (X-Application-Version, X-Client-Library-Version)


  • Update dependencies libraries


  • Bug fix: Consuming with Specific Avro


  • Adding switching capability for Schema Registry

  • Bug fix: Consume method with cancellection token blocking switching capability

  • Bug fix: Return correct topic name in ConsumeResult / DelioveryReport


  • Producing / Consuming with AVRO Specific is currently not supported

  • Confluent Schema Registry support - No Axual high availability

  • Async converted to synchronize method

  • Supporting streams names with hyphen

  • Change the default Partitioner to Murmur2Random