Deploying Connect

Starting / Restarting / Stopping Axual Connect

Connect is located in the new client services. These services can connect to any cluster in the instance. Example: Starting Axual Connect for the single instance demo-local [start|restart|stop] client demo-local axual-connect

Connect is using the following topic names and consumer-group, if no explicit topic name has been provided in the instance level configuration (CONNECT_CONFIG_STORAGE_TOPIC, CONNECT_OFFSET_STORAGE_TOPIC, CONNECT_STATUS_STORAGE_TOPIC, CONNECT_GROUP_ID) Topics:

  • _<tenant>-<instance>-connect-config - contains the connector configuration settings

  • _<tenant>-<instance>-connect-offset - contains the current offsets for connectors

  • _<tenant>-<instance>-connect-status - contains the status of the connector, and the tasks

Consumer Group:

  • _<tenant>-<instance>-connect - Use standard system topics. When no, determine topic names and consumer group names