How to use


Some common use cases and code examples of core Client components are displayed here.

The code samples included are drawn from our example project code.

Axual Streams

Package: io.axual.streams

This class provides the Axual wrapper around Kafka streams. This package can be used to build Kafka Streams applications that interact with the Axual platform in a similar way one would interact with a pure Kafka setup.

Axual Kafka Proxy

Package: io.axual.client.proxy

The Kafka Proxy implementation provides a simple way to migrate from a pure Kafka implementation to the Axual platform. It enables a full fledged Axual platform functionality with minimal code wise effort limited to replacing of some key Kafka components and imports with their Axual counterparts.
In order to achieve full Axual support, the developer needs to provide the necessary proxies through configuration.

Axual Standalone

Package: io.axual.platform.test.standalone

The standalone is a simple server based on the Axual Platform, providing a testbed for developers. Using it you can set up a single or multi-cluster instance, against which you test your applications on integration level.