Self Service FAQ

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What is Self-Service?

Self-service is a Management tool aimed to facilitate application owners (developers) to use streaming data to build their data driven use case. It allows data owners to control which application accesses what topic, and it provides an overview in general on which data streams are available within the organization.

How do I access Self-Service?

The URL to Self-Service must be communicated with you by the team supporting Axual Platform for your organization. Please contact them.

How do I request access to a Stream?

I have received signed certificate from my certificate authority. How do I add it to my application to access a stream?

I am building a new Producer/Consumer. How do I register it in Self-Service?

How do I create a new Stream (the Schema is already released and available)?

How do I authorize an application to access my stream?

Do you have the Stream Owner role? Please check Authorizing An Application To Access A Stream

How do I revoke an application access from my stream?

Do you have the Stream Owner role? Please check Revoking An Application Access From Your Stream

What is a Private Environment?

A private environment is a test environment with exclusive access to your team. Private environments are only visible to the owning group (your team). You should create a private environment when you are developing a producer/consumer application and want to test the behaviour in your own environment with your own topic. Just deploy the topic in your environment.

How do I create a Private Environment?

How do I configure a stream for a Private Environment?

This is not different from configuring a stream for a public environment, please see Configuring Stream For An Environment.