Editing A Tenant Profile

In the "Settings" page, the tenant profile can be added and User and Group management can be done.

The following Tenant settings can be modified:

  • Name: this name will be shown in the Self Service UI on top

  • Shortname: this name is used internally for every Stream Configuration

  • Logo: fully qualified URL to a company logo, which will be displayed in the Self Service UI on top. If no URL is specified, a default icon will show.

  • Properties: a collection of key/value combinations, tenant specific settings.

Tenant profile

Enabling Connect For An Instance

In the "Instances" menu, you can enable deployment of Connector Applications. Therefore you need to configure Connect URLs for every instance where you want to use those application types.

To enable Connect for an instance:

  1. Click the "Instances" icon in the left menu

  2. Find the Instance you want to enable Connect for

  3. Change "Connect" to "Enabled"

    Instance Configuration For Connect
  4. Insert all Connect URLs (endpoints) of the corresponding Connect Instance

  5. Click Save

Self Service will now validate the Connect endpoint(s) you have provided, and return to the Instance Detail page when all is fine.