Self Service


When you are building your streaming use case, there are typically a lot of steps to take before your application is happily consuming/producing in production. Whether you are consuming from an existing stream, or planning to produce to a new one, Self Service guides you through the process of setting up your application and stream. Moreover, it allows you to have fine-grained access control on your streams.

To access Self Service Portal, use the url provided to you by Axual or your local stream team. Latest versions of Chrome and Firefox are supported browsers.

Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are not supported!


User/group management

As you are developing features for your customer, you are responsible for your application and how it interacts with streams. In Self Service Users and Groups can be defined, to mirror your organization’s devops teams.

Stream and application metadata

With Self Service, you can store valuable metadata about your streams and applications interacting with those streams. This allows you to quickly find the information you are looking for, e.g. "What information is present on this data stream?", "What team is producing to this topic?". The Stream Graph provides you with a good overview of the entire stream and application landscape in a certain environment.

Application lifecycle support

As your application is moving from development to production, you want to have your data streams at your disposal as well. Self Service supports both the application and stream lifecycle by allowing you to define environments. If you want to test your app or stream in isolation, you can even define private environments.


Unauthenticated access to the Axual Platform is impossible. Using Self Service you define certificates (PEM) which are used for authentication and authorization.

Stream authorization

If you are a data owner, you don’t want any application to be able to just consume the data on your stream. Self Service introduces the concept of stream authorization requests to allow for fine grained access control on your streams in any environment.

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